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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Solidd dings 65, still in Zangramash

I dinged 65 last night, another marker on the way to 70. I'm beginning to plan the gear I'll want to buy/get when I hit 70 :)

Amazingly, I still have quests to do in Zangramash even though I'm already 65. This is actually a good thing as I want do to as many CE-rep quests as I can so I can get to exalted with them ASAP - Earthwarden makes little druid tanks cry ;)

I'll also need to do CE rep quests in Terrokar Forest and BEM but once those are done I'll have to do SV to get rep, which means it will take a while to get to exalted.

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Zupa said...

Good work souljah, you will be 70 before you know it! (again)

CE rep was one of the easiest for me, by the time I had the gear I wanted from the Zangamarsh instances I was exalted.

Ok so I never got my trinket from H SP, but I gave up trying for that one.