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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Druid tanks beginner's set

In order for a Druid Tank to become crit immune, assuming s/he has taken 3/3 SotF, said tank needs another 2.6% crit reduction. 2.6%/0.04% = 65 defense rating needed on top of the 350 defense every level 70 player gets.

The Strength of the Clefthoof crafted set, a fairly easy to craft/buy 3-item (legs/pants/chest) LW set, gives 74 defense rating, making you crit immune just from those 3 items (and then some ;)).

The first (yellow) comment on the wowhead page of the set threw me off a bit as it quoted different numbers and said that the set itself was not enough. Until I relealized that the comment was from 2006 and no longer relevent. Someone should update it :)

I'm also thinking of grinding enough BGs in order to get some of the S2 feral set items now being sold for honor points and BG marks (since s4 started) - specifically the gloves, helm and shoulders. The Merciless Gladiator's Maul also looks very interesting, at least until I get started with heroics and save up 150 badges for the Staff of the Forest Lord. All of the PvP resilience will be wasted since I'll already be crit-immune, but the armor+stamina numbers look very nice indeed :)

Of course it all depends on what items I'll pick up from instances/quests/etc. along the way to 70 and at 70, since I find BGs both boring and a seriously slow grind (alliance in my battlegroup almost never win any BG).

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