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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Solidd dings 67, pawns Nagrand animals

Last night I decided to dedicate to grinding leather in order to skillup my LW up to 350 (currently at 345). In order to combine it with a little XP, I took the 3 first Nesingwary quests and started grinding them.
Luckily for me, a friend of mine who is leveling a hunter was doing the same quests (although he was a bit in front of me in the chain). So we teamed up and this made the going much faster.

We did take a break to go on a Heroic UB run with some guild mates, I went on my mage and went all-out with AB spamming, damn it's fun seeing those 1.5s cast times :)

Once the run was over my friend and I went back and continued the chain. The 3 "animal bosses" were no problem for us - my friend's pet played the part of "tank", I healed him, and my friend provided the DPS. Sure the mob took a bit more time to take down and a feral druid doesn't make the best healer, but those mobs aren't very hard in any case :)

For the last boss, Tusker, we got a couple of friends who were in the area to join us, all 4 of us were DPS but this time I switched to bear form in order to taunt the beast and this gave the other 3 enough time to quickly nuke her down. Massive DPS ftw :)

My friend got a nice new gun which made him happy. All I got was a healing idol, not much use for a feral druid, but I can't complain - by the end of the day I skinned around 80 Knothide Leather, which will probably be enough to go up by 2-3 LW skill points. I also dinged 67 and am looking forward to new gear and new instances I can tank.

All in all, not bad for a single evening :)

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