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Friday, July 18, 2008

Small updates, WotLK beta

Due to RL I haven't had much time to play lately, just a few hours here and there. So I'm letting Solidd sit for a while and gain rest XP so that when I do the final push from level 68 to 70 I'll have double XP the whole way.

Meanwhile the other Solids have been busy grinding daily quests in order to get the 5k gold needed for the epic flying mount skill for Solidd. As soon as he hits 70 I want to get him up to speed, haha ;p Also been grinding some primals for my tailoring and transmutations and the odd instance run for rep and badges (Solidfaith is not yet exalted with all of the important factions).

WotLK beta has started and information is starting to come out in the major WoW related websites. I'm not in the beta but I intend to read the available material and post my thoughts here for posterity :)

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