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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ding 66, MC retro

Solidd ding-ed 66 yesterday. This meant 2 major things:

1. I could learn Lacerate, a core Bear-tanking ability. I haven't had a chance yet to try it out in a real instance run but I did try it while helping a friend do a couple of group quests around my level and it definitely helped generate agro.

2. Goodbye Zangramash, hello Nagrand. Yes, I still have a couple of last quests in Zangramash that I want to do and yes, I did skip Terokkar Forest completely. However I wanted to grind Kurenai rep to honored in order to get a LW recipe that I thought would help me level up my LW. According to its description, Drums of Speed is a 345 LW recipe, and since I'm level 345 now and all of my "easy" recipes are yellow or green I was sure I would get a fairly easy orange recipe to level with. Alas, either because of a Blizzard bug or on purpose, this recipe was yellow as soon as I learned it, meaning this was no great help.
Still, the other nice thing about Nagrand is that it is a skinner's heaven, so it will be a good area to stay awhile and just skin like crazy. I really do want to get to 350 LW before I hit 70, even if it means making a bunch of fairly useless Drums of Speed.

In other news, Solidstate went on a retro Molten Core run with a bunch of guild mates and friends. We were between 10-13 people during the run and had no problem clearing any of the trash or bosses. The first pack of Core Hounds gave us some trouble untill we conviced people to stop doing single-target DPS, and soon after the hounds were dropping like flies, hehe :)
The only problem was, only myself and a friend has the Eternal Quintessence required to douse the runes in order to be able to fight Majordomo. So after a great run we had to stop at Majordomo, his room was empty :(
The run was a lot of fun and reminded me of old times, I'm not sorry I went even though the loot is no longer interesting and we didn't clear Majordomo and Ragnaros. Here are a few pointers from the run for those interested in doing this for themselves:

  1. Make sure to bring at least 3 people, pref 4 (unless you enjoy waiting) with the Quintesssence, otherwise you will not be able to summon Majordomo (assuming you don't do the instance really slowely ;)).
  2. For most of the instance we had 2 Paladin tanks aoe-tank all mobs, adds and bosses and there was no problem with that. Make sure they are well geared and you have at least 2 good healers and you should be fine. Firelord spawns should still be killed ASAP, no other trash should give you any trouble except for the Core Hounds, see above. FR gear for the tanks, especially the tank doing Baron Geddon, is a must.
  3. Lucifron is a pushover and his formerly annoying and dangerous curse can be totally ignored @70. However his adds with their Mind Control ability should be killed ASAP.
  4. A Fear Ward on your tank is nice to have when doing Magmadar, but not really essential. Our tank actually had to stand a bit in some flames to get some extra damage so he could get some mana back from the healing.
  5. Gehennas' Curse still needs to be decursed, as 75% reduced healing is no joking matter. As I was the only mage and there were no druids, I spent nearly the entire fight decursing :(
  6. Garr and all his adds were AOE tanked by our paladin tank and we killed Garr first and the adds after. Exactly the opposite of the tactic used @60 but works great @70.
  7. Baron Geddon quickly killed 3 melee guys who thought they could eat his fire damage just because they were 70. Our tank had 375 fire resistance gear so stayed in melee range but anyone without FR gear should not stay in melee range! Otherwise all I can say is, it's fun being Da Bomb!
  8. Shazzrah, like Gehennas, is still a fight where you need to decurse. And even at 70 her AOE damage to the group was no joking matter. So I spent 100% of the fight decursing :( I think I would not be wrong in saying Shazzrah was the hardest fight in MC in last night's run.
  9. Sulfuron's adds are still best killed one-by-one, by taking the add far away from his friends. We tried to AOE kill them in a group but they simply out-healed our dps.
  10. Golemagg was a pushover even at 60 and this doesn't change at 70.
Of course all of the above is correct for a 10 man MC run, 20 people will probably have an even easier time (assuming they know what they are doing).

One last note, at least 2 people who came were not attuned to MC, but a guildmate took them through BRD in about 3-5 minutes using a shortcut and I tagged along to learn the route:
  • Enter BRD and turn left, open the gate (you must have the Shadowforge Key).
  • Go on straight until you get to the T-junction and turn right. Avoid all mobs/patrols.
  • Run straight forward untill you get to the Black Anvil. You can kill Lord Incendius or skip him.
  • Jump from the left side down to the lava and swim onto the left edge. Run along forward until you have to swim and continue by swimming untill you get to a small island.
  • Heal up, continue swimming forward to another small island guarded by 4 elementals. You can avoid them by staying on the edge of the island. Heal up.
  • Continue forward a short distance through the lava until you get to just below The Molten Bridge. You should be able to sneek past the 2 groups of 3 elementals guarding the bridge and get to the shard which is the quest objective of the ATC quest. Gz :)

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