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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Druid tanks beginner's set - plan for Crit Immunity

Okay, so now that I know I need 156 d.r. to become crit immune, how am I going to get it, relatively easily, when I ding 70?
Well, here's one plan. It can (and probably will) change according to which gear I get between now and 70, but it's as good a starting point as any:

  1. The Strength of the Clefthoof set will give me a total of 74 d.r., 4 blue sockets and 4 yellow sockets.
  2. In these 8 sockets I can put Enduring Talasite, giving me 32 d.r (and 48 stamina too! :)).
  3. I can enchant the chest with a +15 d.r. defense enchant.
  4. My mage can make Cloak of Eternity, which has 23 d.r.
  5. I can enchant the cloak with Steelweave, giving another 12 d.r.
The above will give me: 74+32+15+23+12 = 156. Ding! :D

As I get other defense gear, I'll be able to switch gems and enchants to stamina/agility gems and enchants.

I'm not sure what I'll do regarding gear with resilience. As I hate doing BGs, the above saves me from having to grind resilience gear. However the s2 gear does have some really sweet stats, so I may end up trying to get it anyway.

If I do get resilience gear, obviously I'll take it into account when re-gemming/enchanting my gear in order to get the most stamina/agility possible while staying crit-immune. However I have decided that for the moment I will not actively work to replace defense with resilience, for the simple reason that defense gives a boost to miss chance and dodge chance while resilience doesn't.

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