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Monday, June 30, 2008

Solidd at 64, massive PuG-ing ;)

Last night I was playing Solidd, doing quests in Zangramash. I still had 2 quests in Blood Furnace however so I was in the LFG channel hoping to get a tanking job :)

I got an invite from a paladin and accepted and found myself in a PuG for BF but as a DPS, turns out the paladin was the tank. That actually worked out well because we had no CC at all - DPS were me (a feral druid), a fury warrior and a warlock. So without any CC, a paladin's AOE-tanking style worked well. It also helped that we were all level 63 or higher so the mobs went down quick and the healer mostly had no problem keeping the tank or us up (the healer was a shaman).

We did wipe a couple of times but overall the run went very smoothly compared to the usual PuG, and when the warrior suggested we continue to Slave Pens everyone agreed. So we continued to Zangramash and did Slave Pens as well, of course it was a bit harder/slower compared to Blood Furnace but still we did well. I switched a few times from cat form to caster or bear form as required to help with healing or OT which also I think helped in a couple of tight spots.

At the end of Slave Pens I was near level 64 and I still had time and some quests in UB so I said "why not do Underbog"? Well the healer had to go but we quickly got a level 67 holy priest and I was sure the UB run would also go smooth. Alas, either because we were a bit low or because it was getting late and people were tired, we made more mistakes than usual. Also frankly the healer was not so hot, esp. for a level 67. She even ran out of drinking water mid-instance. How do you not come to an instance with enough water? Aaannnyway, after the 2nd boss the warrior had to go and we continued to 4 man the instance, up to the last boss. 3rd boss was actually pretty easy, I off-tanked the bear (bear vs. bear! :)) and this gave the others the time needed to take down the boss. However the last boss reset mid-fight once (so annoying when he does that), wiped us twice and I guess due to the hour and having to run the entire instance to get to the boss the paladin tank decided I guess he had enough and left :(

So now it was down to me, the warlock and the priest. Luckily the priest was a friend of the warlock and wanted to help him and had a level 70 warlock char and I had a holy paladin in the guild who was free to come for a couple of minutes, so with 2 level 70 chars and me tanking poor "Black Stalker" didn't have a chance :)

The nice thing about getting to 64 through instances is that I still have a whole bunch of quests to return now, which means I will get to level 65 that much faster :)

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