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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tanking BF

I had some time in the last few days to play Solidd, managed to level to 61. Even better, I got my first real tanking job.

I was registered on the LFG channel to the Ramparts instance, hoping to join a PuG as a tank. But instead of ramparts I got a /w from a guy asking me if I wanted to tank BF. Well I was already level 61 which is the minimum level for BF, so I figured I could do it.

We got going, happily the group organizer promoted me to leader as soon as we entered. Not to brag but I've been in all of the instances (well nearly all) enough times to know them well and I know how to pull and how not to. I prefer not wiping due to another person's inexperience in marking/pulling. Anyway the run went great, we had one pull which was very bad, I tried to pull a caster myself and without silence on him he simply stopped mid-way and this caused other mobs close by to get pulled. Or maybe I got too close? Regardless we wiped but I was smarter later, using the MM hunter and S-priest we had to silence the caster and making him run to us, plus it is much easier for a hunter to do a ranged pull. Other than that wipe the run went very smooth, I didn't manage to hold agro on all the mobs but usually I either got it back quickly or the healer and the other DPS managed to handle the mob on their own.

Overall it was a very positive run for me personally and a great run compared to the usual PuG. I even got good feedback on my tanking from the other people in the group and that felt good :)

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