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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Officering and ZA

I haven't played on Solidd for the last few days, except to get him to Outlands and place him in the inn at Honor Hold.

For one thing, I was promoted to officer in my guild, so I had to spend some time recruiting and looking at the guild roster and talking to other officers and suchlike boring stuff, all of which cut down on my actual WoW time. I don't mind it though because I believe I can do a good job helping my guild recruit and advance in raiding, which is important for me.

Another reason I didn't play on Solidd was because on both Tuesday and Wednesday I went with a guild run to ZA and we downed 3 bosses each time. The same 3 bosses actually due to the reset on Wednesday. It was fun but challenging, the fights in ZA are incredibly hard and intensive with people taking up huge amounts of damage, leading to my going OOM on nearly every boss fight. Compare this to SSC or TK where I have yet to go OOM on a boss fight, even on the harder bosses we've reached/downed so far (Solarian and Morogrim).

Actually I didn't mean to go on Wednesday's run but one of the healers in the raid, a paladin who was on trial status in the guild, started to DC a lot, got angry and insluting after wipes and in the end left the raid saying he didn't want to raid again with the raid leader. Since the raid leader is a MT for the guild and an officer who frequently leads raids, this was obviously a problem for the healer and after some quick discussion between the officers (quick as all supported this) the paladin was kicked from the guild. Shame since we are lacking healers, but the guy was a real idiot with an attitude problem. Well life goes on, the paladin got into another (Kara-level) guild 5 minutes after leaving us and we will simply have to look for more healers who are more mature. Good luck to all of us :)

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