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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grinding Sporeggar Rep

Last night I didn't feel like leveling Solidd, so I logged on Solidfaith and tried out the LFG channel, hoping to increase my Shatar rep (need exalted to be able to use Illidari Marks). I was invited by 2 DPS guys to a party and we waited for around 40 minutes for a tank for normal Mech (which was the daily). Alas, none showed up and in the end we gave up.

While we waited I did some daily quests for rep and gold and that reminded me I wanted to grind Sporeggar rep on Solidstate in order to be able to get the new 28-slot Herb bag recipe which will be introduced in patch 2.4.3. So after the PuG fell apart I logged on Solidstate and went to Zangramash. I figured I would do the Now That We're Still Friends quest a couple of times and get tired of it. But luckily for me, a shadow-priest friend of mine was in the area and had the same idea (to level his rep). So we teamed up and it was the fastest rep grind I ever did. Basically he just rode around getting agro from a bunch of mobs and brought them to me, then I did my AOE stuff while he healed me (even shadow priests can heal you know :)). We managed to grind the mobs so quickly we did around 10k rep in around 1 hour, which is amazing. I'm now half-way to exalted :)

The funny thing is I didn't remember correctly, I only need revered rep to get the recipe. Oh well, it can't hurt to be exalted :)

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Zupa said...

So now there are two things worth grinding Sporregar rep for!

If you are a herbalist that is. Otherwise exalted gets you a non-combat pet.

I called it a day at honored :P

love the blog, keep it up!

- Zupa