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Monday, June 23, 2008

Midsummer Fire Festival

Initially I didn't intend to do the Fire Festival quests since I always think of the fluff rewards as silly plus I don't have the bag space for them, and my level 70 chars only get gold from the quests which is nice but not something I need at the moment.

However I forgot that for a leveling alt, the quests can give great XP. Thanks to great advice from Kaliope I took Solidd through several Alliance and Horde towns and ended up leveling to 62 (from about 3/4 in level 61) just thanks to XP from the Festival quests. This was not only a nice break from the usual leveling grind but also a fairly quick way to level without using any rested XP.

Tip for other Alliance chars doing the Torch Tossing quest: I tried doing that in both Darnassus and Stormwind and SW was a much better place. The ground in Darnassus makes it hard to see the shadow dot of the torch while in SW I could easily see and follow the torch's shadow. I easily completed both the torch quests and the daily torch quests and so will now have some nice daily quests to do on Solidd. Although I'm not sure, do daily quests give XP below level 70?

Later on I also used the rested XP I had with the 10% XP bonus from the ribbon-dance to get around 1.1k XP from each mob I killed in a couple of quests I did in HFP. Good XP/hour for sure :)

I'm now at around level 62.5 and still have all of the Cenarion quests in HFP as well as the Talmahat ones, and also I might do a BF run since I now have a quest for it, after doing Ramparts as a DPS. I forgot to blog about that but since I didn't tank it there was nothing very noteworthy to tell. Well maybe for me the highlight of the run was where before the first boss I rezzed the healer in the middle of the fight with some trash, first time I've ever used Battle Rez :)

In any case I will reach level 63 in HFP for sure, which is pretty funny. I expect I'll probably get to level 70 without doing a single quest in Netherstorm or SMV. Will have lots of gold waiting for me... :)

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