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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I love MH trash

Last night we went to MH. It took us a couple of tries before we took down Rage Winterchill and after a try on the second boss we decided to call it a night. Personally as a healer I find that between the damage from the boss, the damage from the infernals and the curse from the boss, that fight is insanely hard. But I know hard-core raiders consider it easy, so what do I know? :)

So anyway why do I say I love MH trash? Because we got lucky with all the trash we went through, in terms of epic drops :) My priest won a very nice pair of healing boots and so did another holy priest, and 2 shadow priests each won a very nice caster-dps mace. There were also at least 2 shadow-damage cloaks that dropped. So all-in-all, a good raid for the guild, even though the loot from the 1st boss was a bit weak :)

In addition, since many Hearts of Darkness dropped, I asked for and received 4 and another guild mate made me the Swiftheal Wraps bracers. After gemming and enchanting I now have over 2k healing unbuffed, which is simply awesome :)

Hopefully I can start concentrating now on +spell haste in order to improve my healing even more :)


Cynra said...

I love the Boots of Divine Light -- other than the fact that they're missing Spirit, which makes a Spirit-obsessed priestaphiliac like me very sad. I've been trying to find someone to put Boar's Speed on those suckers because I thought that it would work well for my Stamina set.

Sooooo, mage-turned-priest, what did you think of Jaina's buff? Brilliance Aura makes me purr like a contented kitten every time I come close enough to her to get it.

SolidState said...

> Sooooo, mage-turned-priest

I'm leveling a tank (druid) now :) I guess I'm just another altoholic :)

> what did you think of Jaina's buff

I love that aura, on both my mage and priest. On my priest, if I get that aura and activate my Earring of Soulful Meditation, I really get some insane mana regen :)