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Thursday, March 27, 2008

patch 2.4 first impressions

Yesterday was a bit hectic for me, I have too many impressions to write about - suffering from a bit of information overload :)
At first I logged in with my mage after removing my WTF and addons folder and started setting up my interface. Slowly I started adding back addons that I consider essential and after about 30min I had those addons and their settings configured back to what I am used to.
After a few minutes online I joined a guild group headed for the new 5-man instance. I took the flight from IF and after a brief loading screen got to the new island. It was hectic and laggy there with hundreds of players running around, exploring, doing the quests and setting up groups. At first I found it really confusing but the place is pretty small so after a few minutes I mananged to find my way around.
The 5-man didn't go too well, our first healer kept going DC and we wiped a few times, finally after a few wipes on the 2nd boss he excused himself saying he can no longer play due to the lag and we got another healer. She did slightly better (although she too was laggy). We got to the 3rd boss but by then the guys had to go get ready for a raid that was scheduled for that night so we called it before we managed to down the 3rd boss. A nice run in all, I would say the new 5-man in normal mode is not too hard :)
I continued doing daily quests and enjoyed myself a lot. I was a bit unlucky with the fishing daily, had to make a lot of casts till I got the baby crocolisk but otherwise it was okay.

More updates to come... :)

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