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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Misc Updates

Due to new workplace been too busy to blog, but here are some misc updates:

  • Magtheridon down, yey! :) The only sad part is that since Solidfaith was asked to join, Solidstate still doesn't have the "Champion of the Naruu" title. Oh well, next time.
  • More badges accumulating. But more slowely, since like everyone else I'm busy doing the new daily quests.
  • I'm almost revered with the offensive with Solidstate and I am honored with Solidfaith. So hopefully I will be exalted in a few more weeks.
  • Phase 2 on my server is progressing nicely and it looks like the new gear will be in my hands in about a week - I can't wait :)
That's it for now, more to come... :)

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