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Monday, March 10, 2008

A Mixed Evening

I had a mixed evening yesterday.
On the bad side, it started when I asked to join a guild Zul'Aman raid that I thought was just starting. But it turned out this raid was actually a continuation of a previous raid that had already cleared the first 3 (and easier) bosses. So while I did join the raid, it was a complete wipe-fest, we completely failed to take down the boss we tried. After 2 hours of wipes, a couple of people had to go and the RL called it (to my relief).

On the good side, I asked who wanted to do the daily heroic and quickly got a group together. For DPS we had a mage (me), a warlock and a rogue and for tanking and healing we had a warrior and druid. The daily heroic was SV and we did a great (no wipes) run which was very quick (I think less than an hour). It actually could have been faster but due to having only a druid as a resser we had to corpse-run several times when people died. After the run ended and due to the fact that it was so quick the tank suggested we do heroic SP and everyone agreed to stay do we did that too. So I got 8 (5+3) badges last night for my mage, which is great.

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