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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Small Updates

Not much has been happening since my last post.

The new guild is taking time to get started, basically no raids started or scheduled yet except for some Kara runs we did last week and a single ZA run scheduled for tonight. I don't like it, I was hoping to start 25-man raiding ASAP but it looks like the GL and officers are waiting for something, maybe for a guild website, maybe for for people to join the guild. I just hope they don't wait too long or this guild will crash and burn before it ever gets off the ground, so to speak.

Did a fun normal-SL run with Solidfaith last night with 4 guild mates. Since I have heroic+ gear on Soldfaith healing in a normal run was a piece of cake, especially as the others also had good gear so mobs went down quickly.
We didn't even worry about CC, just pulled whole groups. Our group was composed of a prot paladin, a feral druid, a fury warrior, myself and an elemental shaman. So between the paladin with his AOE tanking and the druid going in bear form for most fights and the warrior grabbing the odd loose mob, I was almost never attacked by mobs, and I didn't even have BoS on me. I used Prayer of Mending a lot and with 3 melee taking agro it was a fantastic way to heal them and save mana and not get agro at the same time.
Craziest pulls - once in the last 2 groups (each of 4 mobs) before Grandmaster Vorpil where you have a static group and a patrolling group. In every SL run I've ever done we would let the patrolling group go back up next to Vorpil and then pull the static group back, kill them, rest till the patrol got back down and pull them as well. This time the guys decided to have some fun and pulled the patrol at the bottom, naturally pulling the static group as well. So an 8-mob pull :) I had to do some hasty healing but no one died. Then, just when most of the mobs were down, a runner managed to run away without anyone noticing back to Vorpil and pulled him. So without getting ready we were suddenly in a boss fight. Trouble? No way :) We continued to kill the remaining adds and pulled the usual way (South, North, South) and the warrior cleared a few adds who were too close to the boss (and would have healed him) and we got him down, again with no deaths.
Second crazy pull was before Murmur, where you need to pull the mobs carefully so the middle mob doesn't get pulled and pulls the next group as well. Of course the guys were not careful but it didn't matter we still pawned the mobs :)
So flawless run? Alas no, we wiped once on Murmur. No idea why tbh, I think someone had the debuff next to the tank and didn't run out in time. But never mind, the Shaman self-rezzed, rezzed me and after we were ready we took him down, this time without a problem.
So overall a really fun run :)

I did a full Kara run with Solidfaith I think on Wednesday and got a bunch of badges but as usual no real luck with gear, I did get a small upgrade but nothing major. Solidstate spent several hours farming BEM Bloodmaul Geomancers for the Enchant Bracer - Spellpower recipe, but no luck. I did however get about a ton of Netherweave cloth which is always nice for a tailor/enchanter :)

So like the subject says just small updates, nothing really exciting. I really hope raiding starts again in the new guild...

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