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Monday, March 03, 2008

Be Imba! analysis of my chars

The Armory must be behaving well now since the Be Imba! site I wrote about yesterday is working. So without further ado, here are the results for my characters:

As my main I didn't expect many surprises, and I am happy to report I was right.
There was one warning about my Terokkar Tablet of Vim being a low level item, but if I give that up it will have to be for a really good upgrade, something with a significant DPS increase on equip (not just on use). Otherwise I give us quite a bit of spell hit rating for nothing.
My talent build was estimated to be better for PvE, lucky for me :)
Finally according to the Gear-O-Meter, Solidstate can get gear upgrades from SSC/TK/ZA and is well enough equipped for BT/MH, which is interesting in light of the attunement requirement drop in 2.4 for BT/MH.

In terms of gear, I have one un-enchanted item (my gloves) and two green gems (instead of the better blue ones) in my shoulders. Now that I've finally got my Hunter's epic mount I can concentrate some effort on improving gear and this is one area where I don't mind expending some gold, since as an alt I don't replace gear as often on this char (very little chance of raiding with him).
Again my talent build was approved for PvE, of course my build is fairly standard cookie-cutter so no surprises there.
I was surprised that the site thinks Solidfaith is good enough geared to heal in SSC/TK. Frankly I have mana issues even in Karazhan, and have never healed in Gruul or ZA, so I doubt very much I can heal SSC/TK. I wonder how the site reaches its decisions about gear-vs-instance level...

Gear-wise the site gives the warning "probably caught in PvP gear". So true, especially as this is the only gear Super has :)
I have almost no gear enchants (no plans to do anything about that, too much money for gear that is too low level), 1 low-quality gem (I actually forgot about that :)) and many "low level items". Well here actually I don't fully agree, sometimes those items are hard to replace outside of Kara or Heroic Badges and frankly I put the effort there on Solidstate and Solidfaith. Poor old Super will have to remain in PvP gear... :)
My hit rating is too low, I need 95 more till the hit rating. I think I'll get more hit rating from gear and maybe I'll respec to get Surefooted, haven't decided yet. But more hit rating is definitely something I do want to look into. Actually it depends on how much I continue to PvP, frankly I'm fed up with losing BGs all the time (maybe win 1/10 games), so am thinking of just letting it go and using Super for fun grinding/questing/instance-runs. We'll see...

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