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Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Nice Weekend

It was a nice weekend for all my chars :)

Supersolid finally bought his epic flying mount, making him my second character to get this mount. I think most of the gold came from questing, although a hefty chunk came from sale of ore and leather (Super is a miner/skinner). As soon as I had the epic flying mount I started the Netherwing Ledge quest-chain. I didn't believe I would finish the chain in one evening but once again a BM hunter proves to be a lean, mean questing machine :) For the last 5-man quest, I got 3 guild-mates and a random to do the quest and it was actually pretty easy, boss died soooo damn fast - the gear in our guild must be much better than the days when I did this quest with my mage... or Zuluhed was nerfed... probably a bit of both :) So now Supersolid is all set up to do daily Nethering quests too for yet more gold, which is nice.

Solidfaith did the daily heroic which was Heroic Underbog (on Friday I think). This got him to exalted with Cenarion Expedition and unexpectedly to Honored with the Consortium (due to the rep you get when you turn-in the daily). He also got exalted with Aldor thanks to some Fel Armaments sent to him by Supersolid, so some really nice advancement on the
rep front for Solidfaith.

Solidstate did a daily heroic (SH) for another 6x Badges. I also managed to finally (after a long time) get to do the required 10 Arena matches for the week with my 3v3 team. Our rating sucks but the important thing is to keep doing these so as to get the points, and it was a shame we've missed so many weeks.

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