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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Priest "Badge Gear" Upgrades

What gear can I get for my Priest with Badges of Justice (post 2.4) that is better than my current items (armorylite link in-case armory is down)? Going CCW starting at the head slot:

  • Head - None (I have better).
  • Neck - Necklace of Eternal Hope - small upgrade. 25 BoJ.
  • Shoulder - NA.
  • Back - Kharmaa's Shroud of Hope - small upgrade. 60 BoJ
  • Chest - Gown of Spiritual Wonder - great upgrade, even considering the loss of the proc from my current chest. 1x Red gem slot. 100 BoJ
  • Wrist - Wristguards of Tranquil Thought - upgrade. Give up a few stats for more spell crit, +9 healing and more importantly a yellow gem slot. 35 BoJ
  • Main-hand - Gavel of Naaru Blessings - major upgrade! Lose 11 MP5, but get +42 sta, +28 int and +237 healing! 100 BoJ
  • Off-hand - Tears of Heaven - side-grade. Lose some mana and MP5 and get some more +heal. 25 BoJ
  • Wand - Carved Witch Doctor's Stick - upgrade (with proper gem). I'm ashamed of myself that I didn't get this sooner, definitely not going to wait till patch 2.4 to get it ;) 25 BoJ
  • Trinket - Essence of the Martyr - small upgrade or sidegrade, depending on the slot I chose to replace. Hard choice... 41 BoJ
  • Finger - Anveena's Touch - a nice upgrade to either of my current rings, probably will replace the Karazhan one. 60 BoJ
  • Feet - Slippers of Dutiful Mending - great upgrade, especially with the 1x red gem slot. 75 BoJ
  • Legs - Adorned Supernal Legwraps are a clear upgrade (100 BoJ) ; Achromic Trousers of the Naaru are a side-grade (75 BoJ), I will only take them if I get other spell haste gear, since it seems to me that spell haste will be much more beneficial for the longer heals and only if it significantly reduces their cast time.
  • Waist - None (I have better).
  • Hands - Light-Blessed Bonds - upgrade. Assuming the same gems I will lose the gem bonus but that still leaves me with +28 healing, which is nothing to sneeze at. So although I lose a little int and sta I think this is overall a nice upgrade. 60 BoJ.
That's it. A few points:
  1. If I take all the above, including small upgrades and side-grades, we are talking 706 badges. At 5 badges per day, that's 142 days (~5 months) of doing the daily heroic each and every day. Even taking only the good upgrades into account that's around 400 badges.
  2. While certainly good, many of those upgrades are a far cry from the quality of raiding drops (all the small/side-grades) so that BT/MH raiders, at least the holy priests, are under no threat from badge rewards, at least not quickly.
  3. My big problem with several of the "upgrades" I listed above is the lose of mana and MP5 or the lack of any additional such stats. So I guess if I want more mana and MP5/spirit I'll have to get them from someplace else (as opposed to badge gear).
  4. The main hand will be the first item I get post 2.4 (hopefully), as even with the lose of 11 MP5 it is still the best upgrade of the bunch in terms of sheer healing bonus. The wand I'll get as soon as I have 125 BoJ, since it will be both an upgrade for healing and a plus for soloing.
  5. I'll look at the mage in another post. For the hunter I have no time for heroics so he's out of luck with respect to gear.

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