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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WoW Journal, 18 Feb 2008

I finally managed to get a group together for a UBRS run. The group was 2 Paladins, a Hunter (myself) a Mage and a Warlock.
Our "strategy" consisted of running, collecting as many mobs at once as we thought we could handle, and using AOE to nuke them down. For example we did something I've never done @60, which is running through the egg room in an attempt to explode every single one of them. We had literally clouds of small dragon whelps flying about, and dying too ;)

Bosses were of course a push-over, with my pet tanking initially but quickly losing agro to the mage and warlock. Not that it mattered to them, both had over 9k life and both paladins were holy... you get the picture :) Even the final boss was not a problem, the mage tanked one add, the warlock another, and I tanked the boss. the Conflagration spell was a bit of a problem but by the time both me and my pet lost agro due to it, the adds were dead and the boss was at 20% :)

The run was fast and fun, but on the minus side The Beast didn't drop Finkel's Skinner :(
On the plus side I got BWL attuned which gives me nothing except if I ever want to go on a retro-run to BWL I'll be able to do so on my hunter.
Still now that I know how fast 5 level 70 chars can do UBRS I hope to convince some friends to do another run in the near future. Also I think I'll start doing the Onyxia attunement quest chain, I'm already attuned to MC and BWL so why not complete the trilogy :)
I'm pretty sure I can solo everything up to the UBRS run (which is the before-last step). I'll do that on my next attempt to get the skinning knife :)

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