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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Solidstate Does SM

In an attempt to get a low level Tailoring Recipe I don't have which is a random drop (but has a higher drop chance from some SM mobs) I went to SM tonight. I did all 4 wings, took me less than 2 hours in all - so about 30min per wing, not bad for a full clear. I don't need the recipe, just something nice to have (complete my tailoring knowledge as much as possible).

I could have been faster, but I preferred to be careful as a wipe would have meant running and more lost time. For my mage a good number (most time efficient) seemed to be around 5 mobs, 10 max. Anything more and I run the risk of dying (cloth, remember?). A Frost mage could probably have handled more, but as a Fire mage I don't have as much survivability. There were many ranged mobs that I killed one by one, those were annoying.

I got from the run in total several shards and dusts of different types after disenchanting the blue/green items I got. I also got one tailoring recipe but not what I was looking for and I knew it already. I also got an engineering recipe, lots of grey items and I think around 200 silk cloth. I vendored the grey items and I plan to AH the rest, should be interesting to see if they fetch a good price and if I get at least some compensation for the 2 hours I spent. Alas, no BoE blue item.

Over a fun time, I would have preferred to go with someone else, if only for the company. But when I asked in the guild channel, no one was interested in coming with an alt. Maybe next time :)

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