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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WoW Journal, 13-Feb-2008

My first goal today was taking my Unforged Seal of Ascension and doing the quest to forge it. Soloing Emberstrife with my pet tanking was a piece of cake. Alas, when I tried to MC Emberstrife, I got an error that I couldn't control him since I already had a summoned pet, doh!

So I called a couple of guild mates (a tank and priest) and together the three of us did the quest without a problem. FYI the level 70 druid tank probably didn't really need the healer ;p

Tomorrow I'll go back into LBRS and turn in the forged seal to get the UBRS key. Looking forward to that :)

I had to logout after doing the quest and when I logged back in I was asked if I wanted to join an SSC raid as the guild were a few people short. I joined and we went straight to Lurker and downed him on the second try. The good and the bad of the run:
* The good - starting from the trash clears, I made it my goal to maximize my damage as much as possible. With a Shaman using Wrath of Air totem in my group, I was able to make it to 2nd place in the damage meters, 3rd after the Lurker takedown. As a mage, I was *really* happy about this. I was too far from the Shaman during the Lurker take-down to get the totem buff, which is why my damage went down.
* The bad - the first Lurker try saw us wiping at 2%. That's right, only a bit more and we would have done it. What went wrong? People dying due to Sprout which shouldn't happen. Almost entire raid have been in Lurker in the past, that people are still dying due to Sprout is just... noobish... :(

After the Lurker we went back to Hydross to try him out, however it was an almost immediate wipe at the first transition due to the tank dying. We were out of time for another try before respawns and a couple of people had to go or DC'd, leaving us short-handed. We waited for a while at the platform at the beginning before the first trash group but when it became clear we were just wasting our time, one of the rogues, egged on by us, did a Leeory Jenkins and pulled the first trash group, wiping the raid. What I call "going out with a bang" :)

After the raid I did a few of the Valentine's Day quests and collected some SW Pledge Cards etc., but those are frankly a waste of time, I don't think I'll continue with the Darnassus and Ironforge ones.

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