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Sunday, February 17, 2008

WoW Journal, 14-16 Feb 2008

Supersolid did some BGs on the 14th, actually won an AB match and WSG match. Rare enough occurrence that I'll mention it in my blog :)
Supersolid also went to solo UBRS, ambitious considering it was a 10-man instance back at level 60. I cleared up to Pyroguard Emberseer's room (no wipes but it took some time) only to find out you can't activate the room without at least 3 people. So wasted some time, but it felt good to know I can solo 5 level 60-61 elites without any significant problems. I need to get some guild mates to help me out...
Yesterday I took a few minutes with Supersolid to help out a friend who had a quest in Hinterlands, to get the Mallet of Zul'Farrak. When we got to the alter he attacked the horde npc there (which isn't needed) and since I helped him kill it we got both pvp on. He also had the Ancient Egg quest so we went into the cave and in no time got to the egg. At this stage I was asked to come to Kara on my mage so told the friend I was HSing out and relogging to Solidstate. He started to run out of the cave but some Horde who were also questing in the area, including a level 64 warrior (my friend is level 52) attacked him and killed him. So I stopped the HS, ran out, 2-shotted the level 46 or so Horde priest and attacked and killed the level 64 warrior who had killed my friend. That will teach them to pick on low level chars :)

Solidfaith did some farming in The Dead Mire, got a couple of Fel Lotus from plants he harvested and lots of herbs from both plants and giants harvested, as well as a total of around 6 Primal Life.
Solidstate did a daily heroic which got him 5 heroic badges and a partial Kara run which got him another 10, so 15 badges in all over the last 3 days.

Not bad, considering I didn't play all that much :)

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