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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Supersolid does BRD

I was getting tired of the "WoW Journal" headings, so trying now a subject which says a bit more about the actual post contents...

Aaaanyways, yesterday I decided to start out the Onyxia chain quest, as I wrote in my last post. After doing the first quest I was derailed by an invitation to a guild run to normal SV. Since more rep is always nice and guild runs tend to be fast (at least for normal mode) and fun, I went.

Getting back to the Ony chain after the SV run (which was as predicated fun and wipe-free :)),
I did a few more quests until I got the quest to go to BRD and talk to Marshal Windsor. At this point I was talking to a friend, who was playing an alt, level 53 Shaman. I told him I was off to BRD and offered him to tag along and he was glad to.

We both had a lot of fun inside, me in killing entire packs of mobs without fear of death, he in getting some welcome blues (he was mostly green due to doing almost no instances before), runecloth and lots of vendor trash. He did die a few times due to pulling agro, as a Hunter is not an AOE class so I couldn't pull all the mobs who rushed him back to me in time. But overall we both had fun and the run went smoothly. We did my quest quickly enough and then continued on a rather round-about way until we got to Fineous Darkvire and killed him for the Shadowforge Key quest. So now I have the key to BRD as well having finished another step in the Ony chain, which is a nice extra :)

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