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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Solidstate Puts on Cooking Hat

In a manner of speaking...
I stopped with other pursuits for a while and "leveled" something without practical meaning but still fun - my cooking.

To be precise, I didn't level Solidstate's cooking, he's already at max level. What I did do was use a nice little mod that checks your existing profession recipes and tells you what you don't have. It turned out I had some easy-to-get cooking recipes I was missing (from around Exodar and from RFD) and also some harder to get Horde-only recipes. The recipes I could get quickly, I did. The ones from the Horde side, I asked a guild-mate who had a Horde char (level 60 mage) and he was kind enough to get those recipes for me and coordinate with me posting them on the neutral AH so I could buy them as soon as he put them up. It worked like a charm and in 30 minutes I had almost all the recipes in-game. The ones I don't have are: Dig Rat Stew, Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops and the Delicious Chocolate Cake.

The Cake I will get, it is only a matter or time. The Dig Rat Stew will be a bit harder but I'm sure I can get it eventually also. But Dirge's Chops... I need a BWL raid first and to be the one (or one of the poeple) who loots Broodlord's head. So not likely to happen :(

Still having all cooking recipes in the game except for maybe 1 or 2 makes me feel very nice. Next up for completion are Solidstate's Tailoring recipes :)


mike jones said...

Hey just curious...what mod tells you what professions you are missing. Never heard of one and that sounds awesome! Thanks and keep up with the good work on the blog.

SolidState said...

The mod I use is called "Ackis Recipe List" but as I understand there are other mods that can also give this info. It's Ace2'd so you can download it using wowaceupdater or via curse: