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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

WoW Journal, 12-Feb-2008

I've decided to keep a steady WoW journal, because I keep thinking "I'll blog when I have something really interesting to write about" and I never seem to find that something interesting. So at that rate I would have had one post per month or something...

Maybe a daily or semi-regular journal of small non-interesting stuff will add up to a real WoW blog :)

Okay so here goes.
Last night I logged in late and of course my guild were already in the middle of a TK run (they managed to take down VR again which is good, both for gear and morale).
So looking for something to do, I decided to go on Solidstate and look for a heroic group.
While hanging around the LFG channel I noticed someone asking for an LBRS group. A quick /who showed me a level 55 paladin from a well known raiding guild, so I figured this was no idiot. I've been wanting to go to UBRS with my hunter to try and solo (or duo) The Beast, so for that I needed LBRS and to get the key for UBRS. I relogged to Supersolid, /w the paladin and joined his group (which was full with me). All the rest were below level 60, I was the only 70.

We started the run and I quickly took over, the rest were new to the place (no idea how strange that is for me, I feel I know the place like the back of my hand :)). Plus, as a level 70 hunter, it was easier to let my pet and me get agro, mobs didn't have a lot of chance against me, even in melee.

Our one wipe was when the warlock we were with didn't watch where he was going and we had 2 groups of mobs on us instead of one. Not being an AOE char I couldn't take them down fast enough to save the rest and when all the mobs attacked me I decided not to FD, so the others wouldn't feel bad about dying :)

Apart from that it went smooth, at the first boss I forgot to ask people not to roll on the gem and lost, afterwards they were nice enough to pass and I got the other two gems.

After the run I reset the instance and went back in with another level 70 hunter and we cleared the mobs and killed the boss without any problem. In retrospect I could have skipped the low level pug. Oh well, live and learn...

So now I have the Unforged Seal of Ascension and I just need to do the quest to forge it. I'll try to solo it and if I can't do it I'll get a guild friend to help, but as a hunter it should be doable. Then, UBRS, here I come! :D

Hmm that was a long post. I'll think I'll make them shorter in the future... ;)

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