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Monday, September 01, 2008

Solidd small updates

Haven't been playing that much in the last few days, only a few hours here and there. So no interesting news.

As I had quite a bit of fun doing old-world content for the Onyxia key, I decided on a whim to get exalted with another old world faction, the Argent Dawn.

Part of it is that once I'm exalted (or at least revered) I can get Solidd attuned to Naxxramas. Totally useless of course, but it's fun :) The thing is, I've been soloing Strat and Scholo a few times for the last few days, as well as doing some AD quests or simply grinding Gahrron's Withering Cauldron for the repeatable rep quest, and I'm only half-way to revered. This is harder/slower than it seems... still I'm sure I can get to revered fairly soon and as for exalted, well I'll see about that. It's not like I'm in a hurry or something :)

Another reason I'm doing this is that with the lack of raiding and my general lack of time for long play sessions, I don't really want to dedicate >2 hours to find a PuG, get everybody to the instance, suffer through AFK's, stupid wipes or just going slow due to people being in the instance for the first time or under-geared. All this for badges/gear that I will soon-ish stop using... If I had plans to raid with my druid, I would of course be pushing heroics/kara to get the badge gear as quickly as possible, like I did with my priest, solidfaith. But now that I'm not raiding, I simply don't see the point in it. My gear is already good enough for tanking heroics/kara, which is the highest level content I'm likely to see before the expansion hits.

To have fun in short playing sessions, I could go BGs - but I don't really like PvP. Grinding gold/primals/mats gets old quickly, although I will continue to do it from time to time, at least enough to keep me liquid and to have enough to cover misc expenses. I actually started to collect low-level herbs with my herbalist (solidfaith) for Inscription, but I'm taking it easy - I plan to roll a DK to take up Inscription and there is time till the expansion.
I could grind Outlands rep, but in general this has as much meaning for me as grinding old-world rep (don't really need anything from any of the remaining factions), and grinding old-world rep is faster. So for now, old-world it is :)

Part of the way to grind rep for AD is to get Insignia of the Crusade and Insignia of the Dawn (20 rep per turn in). It looks like the best way to get the first type is by turning in either 30 Bone Fragments or 30 Crypt Fiend Parts. For the second type (Dawn) my best bet is probably to turn in 30 Dark Iron Scraps. That's 150 items for 100 rep, 1500 items for 1000 rep, 31500 items for the 21k rep needed to get from revered to exalted. Ouch :) Well of course I won't be depending on these turn-ins, it will just be a way to help get a little extra rep from drops, while I grind rep in other, more profitable ways.

Since the required items for the Naxx attunement at revered are quite easy, I'll probably grind only till revered. Why stop at revered and not go all the way to exalted? Simple, I want to grind a few other old-world faction reps before the expansion, including Cenarion Circle, Timbermaw and maybe the Thorium Brotherhood.

Of course all of the above might take me a bit of time, due to my limited play hours. What with needing to gring a bit of gold/mats now and then, as well as helping guild mates once in a while or doing a normal/heroic instance, I will probably not manage all of these factions before the expansion. But I hope to at least advance a bit, and have fun while doing it :)

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