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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Last night my mage went to kill a new boss - the Brewfest boss, Coren Direbrew! :)

It starts with you going outside and below Ironforge to the Brewfest camp and talking to the NPC who welcomes you to brewfest (just complete the "say hi" quest and receive your free drink).

From there, ride a little distance to Dun Morogh and talk to the NPC who gives you the quest to go to the Grim Guzzler.

Ride back to IF, take the bird to Searing Gorge and ride into Blackrock Mountain and down to BRD.

As soon as you enter BRD, on your right, are some clickable boxes on the ground. Click one and it will teleport (actually, "tunnel" - it's a fun ride :)) you to the Grim Guzzler - no need to clear anything in BRD.

Return the quest to the NPC standing just outside the room where you appear and get the followup quest - the one to actually kill the boss. The boss is standing right in that room, talking with 3 NPCs (all are green and cannot be attacked until someone starts the quest).

Once the fight starts by having someone with the quest talk to the boss, the 3 (normal) NPCs are easy to kill but more will spawn periodically, making the fight a bit interesting. AOE helps a lot, and make sure your healer isn't being picked on by the new adds that spawn. The drills that spawn from the ground can interrupt spells but are otherwise not dangerous.

Adding to the fun is an elite (Ursula Direbrew) who spawns (sometimes right on-top of the boss so hard to see - use alt-tab to target) and starts throwing beer mugs on people. Make sure to drink the brew appearing in your bags. Her 8-sec disorient ability (which turns your head to a big beer keg - very funny :)) might be a problem if applied on your healer or tank, so make sure to get agro on her and down her. She has a large health pool but didn't do much damage to my mage with the thrown kegs, so she's fairly easy.

Full strategy details are on the boss's wowwiki page but really except for the elite add there's not much to do, just tank-n-spank.

We had a druid tank wearing partly greens and a disc-specced priest as healer and still the fight wasn't very hard (no one died). My hardest problem was that my gear was so much better than the tank's he couldn't keep agro on the boss. My solution was to concentrate on killing the adds mostly and only occasionally focus on the boss.

Once the boss is dead and you finish looting him, his body will despawn and a new one will appear with the same initial 3 NPCs, ready for a new fight. You can only start the fight if you have the quest so make sure all 5 people have picked it up before-hand so you can do the fight a full 5 times. No need to run outside the instance to reset or anything like that.

Alas, our group didn't get the mount to drop but at least we got the Balebrew Charm (the healer got it). Nice use effect :)

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