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Sunday, September 07, 2008

A smallish rant

Last evening, while grinding AD rep (I'm already revered, yey :) - now going for exalted), I was in the LFG channel hoping for a Mech pug (for my Arcatraz key quest). Suddenly I see someone writing in the LFG channel: "LFM 1 dps for Mech".
Now I don't know about you, but when I see someone writing "LFM 1 dps", I assume the party is currently lacking only that. Otherwise, why not write "LF2M"? Of course, as you may have guessed, this party was still missing one person even after I joined. Even worse, one of the other DPS was a level 68 hunter. For Mech... without a warlock in the party...

In my opinion, someone who writes "LFM 1" when he really needs 2 people is a liar and deliberately misleading people. That may be harsh, but such a person is really mis-using the LFG channel and that annoys me.

When I asked the party leader (a warrior who was the tank) why we had a level 68 hunter for Mech, he asked me if you had to be level 70 to go there... realizing this person had absolutely no idea where he was going - and this was the tank - I bid the group GL and left. I don't mind wiping with friends but going into an instance with a PuG knowing in advance we'll wipe again and again because the tank is totally clueless was too much.

You might think this is not the right attitude to have when looking for a PuG but in my experience someone who uses the excuse "I've been away from the game for 5 months so I'm a bit rusty" when I ask him how come he doesn't know about the mount requirement for Mech, is really someone who doesn't know he has abilities such as shield-bash or spell reflect... or in other words, an eBayer ;p

I can't really say there is a rule for staying with a PuG. I've stayed with PuGs even when we wipes multiple times on trash at the beginning, if the people were nice and seemed to try their best. OTOH when I joined this particular group, not a single one bothered to reply to my "hi" and this really gave me a bad vibe. Coupled with the missing people and the obvious (for me) fact that the tank had no clue and was probably a power-leveled char, and I decided to call it quits even before the ran began. Sometimes you just want to quit while you're ahead :)

In case you're wondering what this rant was all about, it was mostly about people who:
1. Mis-use or don't give all the facts on the LFG channel.
2. Want to lead a party to an instance but have never been there or in general are clueless about it (this is bad for someone just joining as a DPS but for a party leader it spells certain doom for the party).

Thankfully I didn't finish the evening with a bad feeling - a bit after the above, I got a whisper from a friend asking if I could come heal Karazhan on my priest, they were after Curator and their priest had to leave. I don't need anything from Karazhan on my priest but my friend's Kara runs are usually pretty fun, and this one was no exception - only a single wipe due to the Chess event somehow being in-session when we pulled the first mobs from the next room. The in-game chess debuff prevents you from doing any action (including healing or dps), which resulted in a quick wipe. Nobody confessed to re-starting the event ;p I got my 15(?) badges for the cost of about 2 hours, not bad. And I helped a friend, always a worthy cause :) All-in-all a much better use of my time than wiping with a PuG in normal Mechanar...

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