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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Solidd on way to Kara key

Last night I was talking to some guild mates and happened to mention that I still need to do SL for the first Kara key fragment. I didn't have plans to do SL when I logged in last evening, but it sort of came up and as it turned out a couple of other people needed it as well - a rogue and a moonkin druid.

Well one thing led to another and soon we had a guild run set up, complete with a main-healer paladin healing normal SL, me (with pretty good gear) tanking, and 3 good DPS. Needless to say, we rocked the place and had a good time doing it. No wipes, although some people died due to agro, but as people were intentionally pulling agro like crazy, no one took it hard. Oh and the healer spent half the time doing DPS as well :)

After we had gotten the first key fragment, the rogue, myself and the moonkin continued to do stealth runs for the 2nd and 3rd fragments. The SV run was short and sweet, however the Arcatraz run was more painful. For one thing, all three of us didn't have the Arcatraz key - the rogue had to pick the door open for us.
For another, as a moonkin, the other druid didn't have the Feral Instinct talent. This led to him being seen several times and pulling, which of course led to his death. Even if the rogue and I stayed in stealth, the rogue still had to go outside to open the door for him again. So this stealth run was slightly slower. Still in the end we got the fragment and now we're all just one BM run away from a Karazhan key. No more asking for someone to open the door for us in Kara alt runs! :D

I guess in between getting more Argent Dawn rep I'll now need to find the time to do Mech and Botanica runs also, so that I can finally get the Arcatraz key also ;p

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