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Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Good/Bad Evening

Yesterday was a mix of good and bad. I went to heroic SL followed by heroic BM with some guild-mates: Solidd as tank, a shaman healer, and a rogue, mage and hunter as CC.

On the good side, I got 2 high-end LW recipes: Pattern: Stylin' Jungle Hat and Pattern: Stylin' Purple Hat. In addition, I got a very nice tanking trinket, Adamantine Figurine. So on the loot side, I was really pleased with last evening. The tanking trinket especially is nice and I've known tanks to farm SL for a long time before it dropped, so I got really lucky there.

On the negative side, the SL run was slow and hard, we wiped many times on trash. Especially on the trash just before the 2nd boss, every time we started a fight a rogue would appear and start killing people before I had a chance to do anything. But it was also due to some stupid wipes, like me backing from a mob and getting too close to a 2nd group and pulling them, or the hunter sending him pet by mistake to a 2nd group. In terms of bosses we actually did fine (all one-shotted) till we got to Murmur. In heroic, all have to stand inside the circle, and run out when he starts his sonic blast. First time, we wiped due to healer not running out in time. Second and third wipes, I didn't run out in time. I don't even remember if we wiped a 4th time but we finally got him down.

By this time according to Recount I was ahead of the rogue in damage done during the run, and the mage was not doing too well either (~600 dps which is very low for a heroic run). So I don't know why, but I suggested going to heroic BM. The hunter (a RL friend) wants the Hourglass of the Unraveller trinket from there and I thought it would be easy (and fast) badges.

Alas, with low DPS, heroic BM was a mess of adds running around, healer going OOM every fight due to having to heal the rogue and mage like crazy and in general too low DPS. We wiped once on the first boss, waited for the instance to reset, downed both the 1st and 2nd bosses but wiped on a mini-boss in wave number 13. After that we all agreed to call it a night.

I guess the lesson is, even if you want to run with a guild mate, if their DPS is very low, don't go heroic with them. Help them gear up, perhaps go to easier heroics, but not to a place like BM where a wipe means starting over from the beginning...


Zupa said...

Hello stranger,

guildies who are undergeared for whatever you happen to attempt are always a tricky one!

anyway, just thought I'd let you know that I follow your blog.

Also, send me an email and I'll tell you how to fix some of the blogs in your blogroll that aren't updating ;)

SolidState said...

Thanks Zupa for the comment. And gz on that nice ring you got recently :)