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Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Blogroll

After reading about Blogger's new "Blogroll" feature I decided to move to using it instead of the custom HTML+JavaScript solution I was using before.

On the cons side:

  • It lacks the categories of my former solution.
On the pro side:
  • I filled in the initial list from my Google Reader (but why can't the blogroll stay synced with Reader changes? :( ).
  • The list can be sorted by last update, making it easy to see which blogs have recent posts. This is the winner for me over my previous solution. I can also see the title and date of the last post, which is even better.
Some features I would love to see:
  • In order to update it I need to add feeds one by one (no e.g. OPML import option). Also the update window is small and there are no real management features, such as sorting the window by blog name, seeing the url, sorting by last update, etc. Very poor management features currently, in other words.
  • Categories/tags for grouping feeds.
  • Better integration with Google Reader (auto-update list whenever Reader changes happen).
  • Some nice formatting options, like changing the background between every other line.
Some features I don't use:
  • The ability to see a snippet of the latest post. A Blogroll is not a poor-man's replacement for a proper Reader. Having the title of the last post is one thing, but a snippet just makes the entire list too bloated and un-wieldy IMHO.

How is this all WoW related? Oh well all the feeds are of WoW blogs, some are actually very good. Happy reading :)

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