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Monday, August 18, 2008

Solidd - not many updates

I guess it is natural that once I dinged 75, I have a lot less to report. Sure, I still do heroics, dailies and misc small stuff but without raiding and taking down new bosses, I don't find anything noteworthy enough to write down here for future reference.
Still I can summarize a bit of what I've been doing:

* Tanked Kara with my guild, all the bosses except prince. I wiped us 3 times on prince and then let another druid do it so I could see how it should be done. I think I have it now and hopefully when we go back to Kara I will be better equipped to tank him (also better geared, haha ;)). It felt good to tank Kara but let's face it even with a group of alts that place has long ago stopped being a challenge. Good way to get a lot of badges in 1 night though :)

* Speaking of Kara, I tried going to a PuG Kara with my priest, just so I could get some practice healing and see if Kara PuGs really are that horrible... they are! First of all we started at Moroes but the people who invited didn't bother to mention it before we were inside. Then we wiped because the 2nd paladin didn't buff anyone (and the first paladin buffed me with BoW instead of BoS). 2nd try, after raid leader asked the 2nd paladin to buff me with BoS, we managed to get Moroes down. We headed back to the steps outside the big hall before Moroes in order to continue to Maiden. Then the other healer (we were only 2) said he had to go AFK for 5 min. Well before all were in place (still looting etc.) the tank pulled an AoE group, I healed him, got agro and died. Rezzed, asked for BoS, didn't get it. Raid leader asked to give me buff, was also ignored. Instead of kicking the paladin or at least waiting for the 2nd healer, the tank pulls again, I (stupidly) heal and get agro, die again. This was enough for me, and I left. Bitter tase of PuG :/

* I dinged 375 LW on my druid, yey! Actually doesn't feel all that good, not like dinging 375 tailoring did with my mage, there I had the spellfire set to look forward to, nothing really at 375 LW except for very expensive single items (where the recipes usually come from higher-level raids and are expensive or impossible to get). Still it's nice to have maxed out yet another profession. Working on my various factions now in order to get LW recipes from them. Oh and I have tons of Drums of Battle that I'm slowely using up in heroic boss fights and in Kara runs, fun stuff :)

* Spent an entire evening messing around with my UI mods instead of playing. Hmm, maybe I was meta-gaming? :) whatever, most of my mods now get updated via the curse client, so hopefully that should keep most of my UI updated and (relatively) bug free. I kept having annoying bugs with the older setup and I have replaced some addons (e.g. moved from Bagnon to Tbag), removed and added others. Pretty much the most major change is that I got rid of my button replacement mod and am now using the default Blizzard buttons together with Autobar, which should by itself cover enough buttons so that I can stick to using just the Blizzard ones. We'll see, I still have to config my mage and priest and hunter, that entire evening was spent on just the druid O_O

Well that's pretty much it for now. I've been thinking of making a post listing my favourite WoW youtube videos but most are very easy to find via search so maybe such a list would be redundant. Will see, depends on how bored I am :)

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