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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preparing for Wrath

Gamer Mommy is preparing for Wrath by getting several things done. Her post led me to think of my preparations for WotLK.

I've messed about a bit with both the LK invasion event and Hallow's End. I've tried to keep myself restricted to small, easily achievable goals. The Hallowed Be Thy Name achievement seems a bit too big and too resource intensive, especially since I want to invest time in several of my chars, not just my mage.
I wanted to do achievements related to both these events because of their transient nature - soon they will be over and I will not have a chance soon (or ever) to get things like the Tabard of the Argent Dawn.

I've also been trying to grind rep with Solidd with the Cenarion Circle. Both Solidstate and Solidfaith have titles and I really wanted to get one now for Solidd. The Guardian of Cenarius title is very fitting for a druid to have. However once LK arrives, it's not likely I'll go back to grind this rep (at least not before doing many other things, and maybe even getting other titles), so it's pretty much now or never.

I should still collect alot of plants for my Death Knight (who will be an Inscriber/Alchemist). However I'm having a hard time getting around to this, with all the distractions from the invasion and Hallow's End. However I'm nearly done with those so hopefully will have more time soon.

Lower on my priority list is getting more achievements for Solidstate, like re-visiting all the dungeons that are not yet marked on my achievements list (like Doodle has been doing). This is something I want to do, but achievements like those are something I can do just as easily (more easily in fact) at 80. I like going to older instances, it's not like grinding an older rep.

As for gold? I'm not going to worry about it at all. I've found in the past that whenever I had a specific goal, even if it was 5.2k gold for the epic flying mount, I could grind the gold in a reasonable amount of time. I find both grinding gold (e.g. doing daily quests) and playing the AH quite boring, so I take the attitude of "do it when I must".

I'm not going to level any of my alts now. For one thing they are all too low and I would never hit 70 before the LK release. For another, I'm already going to roll a Death Knight so I will be focused on playing five different chars come LK. I think that's more than enough for one person to handle... :)

I'm also not doing anything special with Supersolid - he's got a shiny new level 69 gorilla so as far as I'm concerened he's all ready for the expansion.

That's pretty much it for me :)


Herc said...

Ah yes so much to do in such a small amount of time ... I still have yet to put on paper my "plan of attack" partly because I'm not really sure what to do first.

Devv said...

I gots me a Tabard of the Argent Dawn and I'll be Devv The Hallowed when Patch 3.0.3 hits. Man, I'm a sucker for titles! I'm well on my way to Ambassador and Diplomat and I firmly believe that I grinded all of that rep just for the titles. =)