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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Guardian of Cenarius

Just a quick post, I finally managed to find the time to gring CC rep with Solidd. I managed to grind 10k rep in about 3 hours which is pretty good I think (especially as there was competition) and got to exalted. So now Solidd has the Guardian of Cenarius title which is good because (a) it's good title for a druid and (b) he finally has a title floating over his head (poor alt :)).

I would have gotten to this earlier but I kept getting sidetracked on other days to do stuff like ZA (full clear in ~1 hour, insane how easy Zul'jin was - this was my first ever takedown of him) and ZG, both on my mage. I didn't need ZG but several guild friends wanted it and I figured it would be more fun than grinding rep :) Since we AoE'd a lot (mostly on trash) my overall position on damage meters was 1st or 2nd. Blizzard with crits is imba :)

Also did MH first 3 bosses one night, was really awesome raiding T5 content and being able to see new bosses and down them. We grouped up with another guild to do it and hopefully we can continue MH on Monday. My only regret was I was there with my priest and not mage so I didn't get to nuke those lovely AoE fights.

So anther pre-Wrath task is done, now I need to get busy grinding herbs and I want to do a few instances with Solidstate for the achievements. Doing a few more 25man raids would be nice too :)

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