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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

4/5 MH, 2/9 BT

Too bad raiding MH and BT no longer qualifies you as a hard-core raider, since we are now a BT raiding guild :)

Last night my guild joined with our another guild and we went to tackle the 4th boss in MH, Azgalor (I mentioned taking down the first 3 bosses in a previous post). The waves in my opinion were more challenging than the boss, as the nerf meant the "race" against his Doom ability was very short. I managed to roll the lowest score on the T6 glove tokens which dropped - a 10. Only one more 0 and I would have had a 100! :)

However at least the fact that I was with my mage meant that I had a ton of fun nuking the trash and climbing sky-high on the damage meters. Useless numbers to be sure but still gratifying for a mage to see such large numbers :)
I actually did fairly well on the boss, mostly since I (a) didn't get the Doom debuff and (b) managed to stay otherwise alive (rain of fire hit me a couple of times but I managed to run out of it). However his AoE silence ability meant this was not a very caster friendly fight.

We went to see Archimonde but didn't engage as the fight is too complex and requires a specific group setup which we lacked - we would have just wiped and wasted time. Instead, we decided to try our luck in BT.

Flying in front of the main gates of the Black Temple, you will see down below at ground level a portal-entrance which looks like a breach in the right side wall. The entrance area was not as I imagined it - I thought it would be a dry place but it is full of water. I guess the temple sewers?

The trash was not hard at all, I guess the nerf really lowered the difficulty.

Naj'entus was an interesting fight, having to click the spined person and attack the shield with the spike in your bag. Amusingly, one of the raid members was spiked just before Naj went down, so when I clicked him I got the spike in my bags but nothing to use them on. I decided to keep the spikes for now :)

The trash before Supremus gave us our first (and only) wipe of the evening, when we accidently pulled both a humanoid patrol and 2 patrolling winged demons. However apart from that wipe and the occasional death of individual raid members we didn't have any probles.

Supremus himself I thought was a fun fight, with volcanoes erupting, blue fire being cast around and phases where he chases people. He came after me 3 times, two times I simply Ice-Blocked and he lost interest, the 3rd I ran and he got tired of chasing me :) However he had the last laugh as near the 20% mark a volcano erupted next to me and instead of turning and running or blinking, I walked backwards. Too slow... I took too much damage and died :(

Still the boss went down and so we were at 2/9 BT and I could even buy 2 tailoring recipes from the Ashtongue Deathsworn quartermaster, having hit friendly with them.

All in all, a fun evening :)

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