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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Solidstate gains rep, Solidd gains Swift Flight Form

It's been a while since my last update, partly because RL has prevented me from both playing and blogging much, and partly laziness :)

On Solidstate, I've grinded Cenarion Circle rep, from just above revered to exalted. Almost 21k rep, done in just a few days of playing. How was this possible?
First of all because of the current Human racial 10% bonus to rep gains, which meant each turn-in of Encrypted Twilight Text gave me 550 rep instead of the usual 500. The announced changes to racial bonuses, including the removal of this racial bonus to Humans, is part of the reason I decided to do some rep-grind now, before patch 3.0.
Secondly because as an Arcane mage running around 1-3 shotting the various Twilight mobs in Silithus with Frostbolts, using the Mage Armor on me meant I simply didn't need to drink - my mana regen was higher than my mana usage. Once or twice in a long while I did stop to top off, but it was much much easier than killing mobs at my own level, which forces me to stop and drink after every 3-5 mobs. The one exception was the elite Twilight Prophet which required some AoE due to kill her 2 adds and took a few more spells to finish off the prophet herself - not that I had to drink after killing them but it usually brought me down to 70% mana and as a mage does around 300 DPS (wand) without mana, I never like to go much below that. Matter of habbit, even when fighting much lower level mobs. It has saved me a corpe run more than once in the past :)
Thirdly I stuck to grinding and left enough room in my bags so that I didn't have to go every X minutes to the mail or vendor.
Lastly, I usually went down to the southern most camp, I was always alone there, unlike the camps closer to Cenarion Hold which were many times visited by other players.

Now that I'm exalted with CC I'm trying to get my Sporeggar rep up to exalted, haven't had much time but it shouldn't take long - I'm now at around 19k/21k :)

Solidd has finally done something I've meant to do for a long while - the Swift Flight Form quest. I entered heroic Sethekk Halls with 4 guild mates, me tanking of course. This was actually a few days ago so I don't remember the exact group composition or run details (except that we wiped only once on some trash). But the fight itself with Anzu the Raven God was fairly easy, even though I didn't really manage to hold agro on the adds that spawned they went down easily enough. Alas, no raven mount dropped. However the Swift Flight Form is a joy to use. It is beyond me why regular mounts have a cast time, as having an instant flight ability is just too much fun. Maybe Blizzard are afraid of PvP issues but I wish for the same of all of other characters they would reconsider.

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