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Sunday, October 05, 2008

On Mage QQ and balanced posts

I like reading wowinsider. As a site that gives current news, opinions, tips and helpful articles it's a one-stop place for all your WoW needs. Various bloggers, each an expert in his/her field/class, all contribute to the site, making it a place for any WoW-enthusiast, regardless of class or specific game interest.

So it's unfortunate that my favourite class, the mage, has gotten an article that has gone over the deep-end with a QQ post. The entire article complains about a single talent, Deep Freeze. Mages have been known as the QQ class but as far as whine posts, this one takes the cake.

Seriously, does a single-point talent, even if it is the top most one in the frost tree, warrant writing an entire whiny QQ post about? Are we supposed to be serious about this article when the writer states about the talent that "Its fate will determine the viability of an entire spec in PvE"? Really? Just below Deep Freeze in the talent tree lies Chilled to the Bone, a fantastic 5-point talent which every frost mage will take. Sure, the next talent sucks and is currently not worth the extra point. So what? Slow sucked (pre patch 3.0.2) through TBC and that didn't stop me nor many other mages from speccing Arcane and nuking the living daylights out of anything in raids and topping damage meters.

The article specifically states PvE viability, so I'll go out and say it right now - Deep Freeze will have ZERO impact on mage raid viability, with or without the damage component. Barring a massive re-working of this spell, the only ones who will really care about it are PvP-ers.

Perhaps frost mages (or mages in general) will have damage problems in raids. That remains to be seen. But Deep Freeze, with or without damage, will not be a factor in increasing this damage or determining whether a mage has a raid spot.

Does it suck that our 51 point talent isn't as cool or helpful as that of other classes? Yes. Is it a spec-breaking issue? heck no!

This has been a whine post about a whine post, brought to you by a mage irritated by mage whining :)


krizzlybear said...


Water Elementals are the cornerstone of Frost raiding anyways, and Blizzard certainly has done enough to increase their usefulness. I could certainly care less about deep freeze.

Euripedes said...

And so, here we see what happens when people go over board with the presumed capacity of Fingers of Frost.

It's unclear whether FoF is supposed to "mix up" frost's spell rotations in raids, like Hot Streak and Missile Barrage do for the other trees.

As it stands now, with FoF based on charges, it doesn't break up frostbolt spamming at all.

If, say, it was timer based, thus allowing for Shatter combos on otherwise freeze immune mobs, then Deep Freeze would have been the best spell for the job.

Ice Lance still has horrendous scaling, and would have been vastly outshone by DF.

If FoF worked that way.

Which it doesn't.