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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Patch 3.1 Impressions

  • I love the UI changes.
  • The quest tracking is still primitive but any improvement is good.
  • Wish I had a better computer to see the prettier graphics :(
  • The fishing improvements (being able to fish anywhere at any level fishing) are great. You still won't be able to catch higher-level fish but at least it doesn't matter where you skill-up.
  • The new fishing daily quest is lots of fun.
  • Speaking of the new fishing quest, it sent me to Sholazar Basin. To get there from Dalaran on a taxi would usually take you in a wide arc, but it has changed - now it seems all flight paths are direct. Taxis are now much more useful :)
  • The Argent Tournament is great :) I can't wait till I unlock more quests but already I can do 70g just from the few daily quests I have there, and with a fast flying mount doing them is relatively fast. I haven't tried doing a mounted duel yet but it seems like it would be fun :)
  • The duel-spec... hmm mixed impressions. One DK in my guild had a serious problem with all of his talents resetting all the time and I had a problem with just 2 talents resetting for some reason. So slightly bugged, at least for DKs (has not happened for my priest). The new "put points before you apply" option is great to have. I wish however the talents trees and glyphs were all like the wowhead talent calculator instead of 4 seperate tabs, the current UI is a bit clunky. Of course just having the option to duel-spec is great, being able to do the daily quests on my priest in Shadowform is just such a huge improvement over trying to do them as healer. Kind of weird though that all your mana resets to zero when you change specs, I hope this is a bug...
  • Ulduar... looks great, and we had fun with the vehicles and trying out the trash before the first boss. However we had 3/10 guild mates locked outside the instance and when we died no one could enter. The instance was just overloaded like crazy, after I rezzed and went back to the entrance the amount of people there trying to enter was just crazy. I really wish Blizzard had prepared better in terms of hardware, it was not nice being locked outside.
  • There were 3 server crashes on the day of the patch. Very annoying and I hope not something that continues.
It has been pretty hectic, trying to respec Solidfaith and Solidstar with their 4 specs, get new gems and enchants, try out new content. I've certainly been kept busy :)

Overall, I very happy - having new content and new ways to do it is always good. There were a few bups on the road due to Blizzard hardware problems, problematic addons and bugs, but I think this patch deserves a rating of about... 8/10 :)

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