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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DK DPS Build

I need a DPS build for my DK, but I'm not sure what will be a good one. Maybe this Unholy based build: 11/0/60.
Doesn't really matter at the moment as I don't have the gear to do proper DPS yet :(

Oh and the new WoWHead talent calculator is really nice, especially the glyphs feature :)


Anonymous said...

Nah, unholy is not that good of a pve dps in 3.1 i think its better to stick with deep blood aand unholy. Like

Anonymous said...

actually, u should use this one isnstead

Anonymous said...

Both of those builds linked are fairly rubbish.. in both he has neither taken dancing rune weapon or unholy blight and taken pointless glyphs e.g. obliterate that he doesn't intend to use.
Would be a better blood dps build
Looks like the best unholy build and
The best frost (with 3 free talent points). This is a 3.2 build set

Anonymous said...

i would use this for an unholy dps build http://talent.mmo-champion.comdeathknight=2305000000000000000000000000320050000000000000000000000002300303301032150003150203013151&glyph=082722020406&version=10147 if i was gona go frost it would look like and if i was gona use blood for dps it would look like