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Sunday, April 26, 2009


I've been very busy on Solidfaith for the last week, partially because of the Argent Tournament dailies but also because of fishing.
I've always liked fishing in WoW, starting from when I started playing my first character, Solidstate. I can still remember trying out the small pools in Elwyn Forest and the first time I stood on the dock in Tanaris, fishing with the setting sun glowing in the sky and making the water all sparkly :)
I find fishing not just a relaxing alternative to grinding but also a very useful skill to have, giving me access to all the buff food I could use.
Still for a long time I resisted leveling fishing on Solidfaith. I figured having one character who is a max-level fisher is enough. The problem is, I haven't had the time to level Solidstate to 80, so his fishing oppurtunities were limited. The problem really started to bug me when I started getting closer to 450 cooking on Solidfaith. The only recipe currently at 450 cooking is the Fish Feast, which is a great raid buff food. However it requires fish which really require a character with a flying mount to get.

For this reason I decided to level fishing with Solidfaith. What really helped me decide were the recent changes to fishing, which made it much easier - and less boring - to level. Thanks to the fact that you can now fish anywhere, I could level my fishing while still sometimes getting useful fish. In fact I'm now sitting at around 310 fishing but thanks to +100 lures and the Kalu'ak +30 fishing pole I can fish succefully all the fish I need for the Fish Feast - made 5 of them last night :)

Another reason I decided to level my fishing was to be able to do the new fishing daily quests. I find the daily cooking and fishing daily quests to be a great source of a little gold, usually not much but fast to get and fun too. Also if you get lucky you can get a nice bonus, for example I got one time in the reward bag a gray item which I sold to a vendor for 100g :)

Leveling my fishing to 450 is not going to be fast but thanks for the new ability to fish anywhere I am not dreading the process nor am I in a hurry. I can take my time and simply enjoy a few minutes of fishing per day - exactly, I think, the way fishing is meant to be :)

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