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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sartharion + Shadron Down

Until now my guild has only taken down Sartharion + Tenebron. However we are planning to try for Sarth+2D and in preparation we went today to try and down Sartharion+Shadron, as Shadron is considered the harder add.

The fight was indeed hard, however after several wipes we managed to fine-tune our strategy and down Shadron, after which taking down Sartharion is a walk in the park :)

The final stratgy that worked for us was to have one DPS (a hunter) stay outside and DPS/Mis-Direct the spawning fire adds so that they left the 2 tank healers (myself and a paladin) alone. Meanwhile the rest of the group (including the 3rd healer) went inside the portal to down the disciple inside.

Our DPS wasn't very high and it took us time to down Shadron but really this fight was about focus and execution, high DPS would have made it easier but was not essential.

For our 2-drakes attempt next week we're planning to fight Tenebron + Vesperon. We probably won't be able to down Tenebron before Vesperon lands so fight could get a bit messy, but we'll see. I expect our main problem to be healing since keeping the tanks up is hard even with one drake up. With 2 up, I shudder at the damage spikes...

Well, we will cross that bridge when we get there. For now I'm happy with the accomplishment, a new Sartharion add taken down in one night and after only a few wipes. Left us enough time to go heroic UP with my DK tanking, I got revered with Wyrmrest Accord and got a nice new chest, huzzah :)

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