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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Heroic Nexus Achievements

Tonight some guild mates were asking for a healer for heroic Nexus while I was playing on Solidstar (who is level 77 BTW and now can fly again - forgot to post about that :)). So I said "sure" and logged Solidfaith.

When we started the tank asked if we would mind doing achievements and since none of us minded we went for it :)
First up was Split Personality, we simply bunched up the images and AoE'd them down so that they died together. We did this both twice and easily got the achievement. I was a bit worried a couple of times when the time stop prevented me from healing the tank when he was low on health but we pulled through.
Next up was Chaos Theory, this was significantly harder. We basically followed the tactic on the wowhead comments and kited the boss, but there must be something not mentioned there because in all of our attempts we were swamped by adds. Finally after several wipes we got the kiting speed just right or something and managed to get the boss down before the damage got too much.
Finally was Intense Cold, I already had this from a previous Nexus run and for the others it did not prove difficult to get - just keep jumping. I had to be quick on the dispelling of the Crystal Chains but otherwise an easy fight and the others got this one easily.

Till now I've never been a big fan of achievements, it seemed to me to be a system for making you jump through hoops and artificially making content harder than it was.
Well this is still true in my opinion and I still don't think I'll actively go chase achievements for their own sake.
However, heroics lately have been getting very easy when running with guild mates due to our much better gear, and the challange of doing these achievements, especially Chaos Theory, added a lot of spice and fun. Suddendly we were wiping, discussing tactics, laughing and happy when we managed to get a boss down - things I haven't done in a long time in a heroic run :) So it felt good and we I get a good guild group together for another heroic instance I might actually suggest going after achievements, you know, for challange and fun... :)


Averna said...

I agree about the achievements. There are some people in my guild that live for them, but I've never felt that pull.

Also - Chaos Theory IS really rough. We got tons of adds too (even with the kiting) and finally got it fighting teeth and nail. I think that one is one of the harder 5 man achievements to get.

Anonymous said...

heya, just a comment on the chaos theory achieve. Use the ramps leading down from the platform he is on and the platform just before his as bottlenecks for the adds and aoe them down till the "immune" void wears off. If u have powerful dps the Achieve isnt so bad :D.

Ayuname - Nagrand. Protadin.