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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last evening I went to OS with my guild in order to try Sartharion with one drake up. The last time my guild managed to do OS+1, I was not in the raid and they had a tank from outside the guild tank for them.
This time it was an all guild run and after a few learning wipes we managed to do it and I got the achievement :)

At first we had some tries where we tried to clear the whelps from each portal before DPS-ing the mini-boss or even go into the portal to kill eggs, but those tactics didn't work well. Inside the portal the eggs are spread out so it is hard to get all or even most of them down in time. Outside the portal, the OT had his hands full with the mini-boss and the whelps proved to be a bit of the problem to take down - hunters would shoot only to get agro and get a face full of whelps, therefore being forced to melee. We had a mage who died several times when he tried to AoE and go agro. Whelp agro on clothy = dead clothy :)

The way which finally worked for us was to nuke the mini-boss as fast as possible, before the whelps became too much. We wiped once when DPS was a bit slow and the OT healer didn't manage to keep him up but the second time we tried we managed, including a quick heal from me on the OT (I was MT healing). Once the boss was down the tank could concentrace on the keeping agro on the whelps (without dying from the combined DPS of too many whelps + mini-boss) while the DPS were free to AoE them down.

Of course once the mini-boss and whelps were down the fight becomes trivial and we quickly got Sartharion down as well, to the sound of much cheering :)
I even got lucky and won the 22 slot bag - pretty soon everyone in the guild will have one :)

From a healing standpoint, our Shammie healer had his hands full healing the party (they were taking quite a lot of damage) as well as helping with the OT, while trying not to die to the whelps and fire adds. I think his job was the hardest, I certainly didn't feel very strained in healing the MT although I had to be on my toes - either because he is a DK or just because of the nature of the fight, damage on him was pretty spiky and his life could quickly go down if I missed a heal (e.g. when I tried to help with the OT).

As a group we still need to practise the fight, sometimes people still get cought in the fire walls. Once we do the current mini-boss a few more times we'll be ready to try out a harder mini-boss or even OS+2 which will be really hard :)

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