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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Wow, I haven't blogged in a long time have I? :)

Well TBH nothing much has been going on. I've slowed down leveling Solidstar and instead have been busy doing heroics and daily quests with Solidfaith in order to get his reputation with the various factions us. It's a slow process and there's nothing much to tell about. I usually do the heroics with a paladin tank from my guild who is a really good player - his character on our guild is actually an alt of his. His main is a druid tank on one of the best 25man guilds on our server, one of the (very) few who have managed to down Sartharion-25 with 3 drakes up. More on that in a bit...

On the guild front things have also been slow. Now that we've cleared the content I can't really post about new boss kills :) We are still suffering from a tank shortage - our remaining tanks are good enough for Naxx but not really up to Sar+1D. So we're not doing much except re-clearing Naxx every week. This is good for gearing up (Solidfaith now has the complete T7 outfit) but is a bit boring.

Now to the subject line of this post and the reason I am writing today:
Last evening I was not raiding (got in a bit late and the guild had the 3 healers they needed) when I got a whisper from my friend's main, the druid I wrote about above. It seems he was organizing a PuG to go do OS+3d and wanted me to come heal.
Now, the very idea of a doing a raid in a PuG is usually something I avoid like the plague and the thought of even trying to do the hardest raid in the game in a PuG mights seem laughable. Only in this case my friend was bringing in people from some of the best raiding guilds in the server (I was by far the least geared and experienced raider there). Basically he had a few friends here and there, they looked up people from their own guilds and friends list and pretty soon we had a run going.

Considering how hard OS+3 is it is not amazing we wiped and did not manage eventually do to it. What is amazing is how long the raid lasted and how pro all the people were about it. We must have been in there for 3 hours straight and there was not a single AFK. Wipe after wipe everybody would simply release, run back in, quickly get health and mana up and be ready. I'm sure we did easily over 20 attempts, and the repair bill for even cloth wearers like myself was over 150g easily. People owned up to mistakes, tempers did not flare up and everyone was focused on getting the fight done.

That raid, for all the wipes and the fact that we didn't manage to do what we set out, was one of the most intensive and fun nights I have had in a long time in WoW. I'm not sure I'm up for that 4 times a week - but as a one time deal it was pretty sweet :)

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