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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Solidstar Dings 74, Malygos Down

So Solidstar dinged 74 a few days ago, following a few quests in Dragonblight.

Leveling as blood vs. frost feels significantly easier and since I've learned the trick to use Dancing Rune Weapon and follow it up with Death & Decay I can down groups of mobs insanely fast as 2x(D&D) on mobs takes down their health like you wouldn't believe :)

Malygos 10-man has been downed by my guild, again I missed the raid :( But I'm happy for the guild and really it was only a matter of time as we were taking him down to below 10% on a regular basis so it was really only a question of getting slightly faster on phases 1+2 and doing the tactic of phase 3 correctly, all of which are just a matter of gear+practise.

Now that my guild has cleared all the 10-man content all that remains is to do the harder versions of OS+2/3 and gear up in preparation of patch 3.1.

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