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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Solidstar Dings 80, Turns Unholy Tank

Last night I finally dinged 80 on Solidstar, having taken my time about it since I played so much on my priest :)

I did it while still questing in Zul'Drak and in fact Solidstar is close to the 100 quests achievement there. Unlike my priest who found it difficult in Zul'Drak, none of the trolls there could even slow down Solidstar, who with his blood spec had zero downtime while questing and if wearing tanking gear could even solo 3-man quests (rather easily I might add). I'm glad I stuck to this area this time instead of jumping ship for the Storm Peaks like my priest, it let me complete some interesting quest lines involving troll gods.

I think that (assuming I have the time) even though I am now 80 I will continue questing with Solidstar, as I am sure it will be still easy even though he is no longer specced blood. The reasons are as you might imagine, it is good gold and it is more interesting than grinding daily quests :)

As for my level 80 spec, I will miss being a DPS but I missed tanking too, I always had a lot of fun being a tank on my druid and I am looking forward to it on my DK. I chose an unholy 7/11/53 spec which is not a "classic" Frost tanking spec because frankly I tried out frost tanking while I was leveling and it was very boring and I hope unholy will be more exciting and fun.

I am a bit worried about mitigation, but I have seen a DK tank all through Naxxramas so hopefully it will work out. Of course I will have to play around with the spec due to patch 3.1.0 but I'll cross that bridge when I get there :)

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Anonymous said...

i wold rather go for this unholy tanking spec imo ... :D