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Monday, January 12, 2009

Solidstar Dings 72

In between raiding and playing on my main I've managed to also get some play time on Solidstar and he is now level 72. I've been leveling in Borean Tundra but also doing instances as a tank.

I've had (surprisingly) mostly positive experiences with the PuGs I've done. Not perfect by far but I've managed to tank most of Nexus, all of Utgarde Keep and most of Azjul-Nerub. The Nexus run I had to leave before the last boss, sucked for the people in the PuG but what can I do, I didn't notice the time when I started the PuG and I was signed up for a guild (Malygos) raid so had to go. I did a couple of other Nexus runs but I was DPS in those, not tank. UK was easy, I actually dinged 72 at the beginning of it so did most of it as a level 72. The DPS did a good job and we basically tore through the place. No wipes, no ninjas, good feelings all around :)

AN was a suprise. I was invited in a /w to tank it when I was level 71. As the instance is a level 72-74 instance I thought I was too low and told the person /w me so. However I was willing to try and he invited me. Turns out the group was rather strange. There was myself, a (DPS) shaman who was the one who invited me, 2 paladins and a shadow priest. It turned out both paladins were healers. Furthermore after only a few fights it became obvious that the shadow priest had a DPS so low I could probably get better DPS with my mage's wand. However the 2 paladins and the priest were all from the same guild and barely spoke English. Not willing to break the group yet I tried. At first we wiped on the waves before the first boss and I was sure we were wasting our time (we basically had only 2 DPSers - including myself). But we made the others realize the importance of breaking the webs around people and pretty soon we were at the first boss and then past him. The second boss was actually easy (although the trash before him were a bit of a challange). I think having 2 healers helped since I was 3 levels lower than the bosses and some of the trash so I was taking huge amounts of damage.

However at the last boss we wiped a couple of times, the shaman who was the party leader went AFK and never returned and one more person had to leave so I decided to call it a night. So not a perfect run by far but I think tanking AN first 2 bosses at level 71 is not a bad achievement :)

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