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Monday, January 19, 2009

No Real Update, Not Upset At All

I haven't blogged for a week so I'm starting to feel I should write about something, but there really isn't anything solid (hehe ;)) to write about. Sure I've managed to level Solidstar's alchemy a bit but he's still not at 450 so nothing to brag about. In addition he's still level 72, I've had little time to play him (or WoW at all) in the last few days.

It's interesting though and I actually happened to talk about it to a guild mate this evening. He told me it must be a bummer to have little free time to play WoW. Times was, I would have agreed with him.

But if truth be told I'm not feeling that way. WoW tends to suck you in and drink up every bit of free time you have. It really wouldn't matter if I had even more spare time, I still wouldn't manage to do all the in-game things I would like to do. So, given that fact, I've reached the conclusion that it is actually better for me to have only a little free time to play. That way I am forced by RL to play less, which is healthier and stretches the available content more. I'm certainly not distressed about Ulduar coming only in patch 3.1, who knows how many weeks from now. I have herbs to farm on my main and Malygos to take down, Naxx to farm, alts and their professions to level up. I do whatever feels fun and enjoy raiding with my guild and I have no problems about new content being far off. Heck I can always try to grind achievements if I want to :)

So I guess I would suggest to people who play WoW a lot - if you don't have a busy job or kids or another reason that forces you away from your computer and WoW, go find that reason. In the long run, you'll feel better for it.

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Dradis said...

I tend to agree. I am firmly entrenched in school right now, I have my little one to take care of on weekends, and I work full time. It really helps me enjoy the few hours a week I have to play. And since I know that there is not much time for me to play, there isn't really any pressure to do anything other then what I want to do. Kinda nice. Although I would like to work on playing the AH mini-game more on a daily basis since that doesn't take more then like 15 min a day.