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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Misc. Small Updates

I've been a bit too busy in RL to update this blog but there are various updates as I have been playing:

  • Solidstar has dinged 70, yey :) Of course I've been playing in Northrend since level 68 so nothing much changed.
  • Actually one thing did change for him, I went already and got the epic flying skill and the DK flying mount. It pretty much pushed me down to a big fat ZERO gold on all my chars but hey what's gold worth if you don't spend it right? :)
  • My guild has cleared Naxxramas 10 man and in fact we're quick enough now to clear all 4 wings in one night. Solidfaith is getting better gear all the time, even got Hammer of the Astral Plane from Kel'Thuzad which is just about best 10-man 1H mace for healers. However...
  • Sapphiron is still giving us trouble, we've downed him twice so far and both times he required multiple tries before we got it right. Then last night we went with a 3rd healer who was not as good as our regular healer and just couldn't stop wiping. Not just his fault both myself and the other regular healer made mistakes which killed us and of course the raid (since such massive healing is required in this fight). Well I'm sure we'll do better next time.
Well that's pretty much it for now. I hope we do Malygos 10-man soon so I can update on that fight, it sounds like an interesting fight :)

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